Day Twenty- Journal

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Waiting? No one likes waiting. I don’t like waiting in grocery store lines or waiting at traffic lights. I stink at waiting. So what is waiting in prayer?

Waiting on the Lord is basically the silent surrendering of the soul to God.

Waiting upon God requires our entire being. It is not drifting into daydreaming, but is rather an exercise that demands our keenest attention, our most alert frame of mind and all of our soul’s attention to the Heavenly Voice”- John Bisagno.

Waiting is not praise, though it is closely related to praise and flows directly from it. Praise is verbalizing our esteem of God. Waiting is a time of silent love. Praise cries boldly, “God, I see these excellent qualities in your nature.” Waiting says softly, “God, I love you.”

Where praise is passionate pacing, waiting is still submission. It’s in this stage that we whisper our deepest affections for God. Some churches would call this worship. Sometimes in a corporate worship setting, praise is considered the loud, fast songs and worship is considered the slow, more contemplative songs.

Take some time in this stage just to speak quietly with God. Let him also speak quietly to you. It’s in this stage that I most often am moved in my emotions. I quiet my mind just enough to hear God respond to my affection for him with words of affection for me. It’s then that I realize that I was the one who was actually responding.

What is waiting? Why is waiting so hard?

How do you differentiate between praise and waiting?

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