Day Nineteen- Journal

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In the last half of the Prayer Experiment Journal, I want to teach you some of the stages of prayer. When we break it up into stages, we are able to be more consistent with our attention and our effectiveness. There are twelve stages. Spending 1-2 minutes in each enables you to have a 12-24 minute, attentive prayer. Spending up to 5 minutes in each stage will give you a solid hour! I bet you never thought that you could pray for an entire hour.

The first stage is praise. This is where we tell God how awesome He is. This is where we tell God how big, mighty, creative and powerful He is. It is in praise that I explore different images that God has used to describe himself in the scripture. Psalm 18:2 says, “The Lord is my rock…” What does it mean that He is our rock? He is immovable. He is never changing. He is strong. God is like a cave in the rock where we can hide from all of the world’s pressures and influences.

It’s in this stage that you simply tell God what you think about his greatness. Praise him for his name (Psalm 115:1). Praise him for his righteousness (Psalm 35:28). Righteousness means right relationship. All of God’s relationships are right and honest and true. Praise him for his Word (Psalm 19). Praise God for what He means to you.

What are some reasons to praise God?

What is a word image that describes God in scripture? Elaborate on it like I did with, “God is my rock.”

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