Day Seventeen- Journal

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“Every person that calls themselves a Christian, that I know, is a hypocrite.”

“All the church wants is money. They don’t care about anything else.”

“I tried the Jesus thing. It’s not for me.”

“I’m going to become a Christian as soon as I get some things straight.”

“God loves everyone. He would never send anyone to hell.”

“There are many ways to God. Christianity is just one of them.”

“There is no God.”

I’m sure that you’ve heard them. I’ve heard them. The enemy’s greatest weapon is a lie. It ought to be- he’s the father of lies. He can sidetrack a person from the real issue by causing them to get caught up in issues that don’t matter. Lies are confusing. They are usually based in the reality of an experience.

If someone comes to your youth group and sees a teenager raising their hands and worshipping God on Wednesday night, then sees that same person at a party on Friday night it will be confusing. Sometimes our presentation or representation of Christ has as much to do with the strategy of the enemy as the lie.

When we pray for unsaved friends and family, we must pray that they have clarity of thought. We must pray for truth. That they aren’t sidetracked by the enemy’s lies. We must pray that the point of the gospel is so obvious that it drives them to repentance.

In the last two weeks you have been given an outline to pray for unsaved people. It’s not automatic. It must still be partnered with consistency and fervency. But beware, regularly praying this outline will result in unexpected things happening. In fact, many times, things will get worse before they get better. This should be a sign to you that the enemy sees that his time and influence is almost up and he must give everything that he has. It’s his last ditch effort. Don’t give up in this moment- salvation is right around the corner.

What are some of the lies of the enemy that you have heard?

What is the acrostic that reminds us how to pray for unsaved people? What scripture is it based on?

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