Day Nine- Journal

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Matthew 6:10 “Your kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Have you ever worn a set of glasses that had a colored-tint to them? Maybe they were blue, pink or yellow, but everything that you looked at had a filter of that color. The sky was pink, your friend’s white t-shirt was pink, and your dog even had pink spots. Well, we all have glasses on that filter the way in which we view the world. It’s made up of our past experiences, personalities, mindsets and opinions. None of our glasses are perfect. They are all jaded in one color or another. If you grew up in a loving family, chances are that you assume all families are loving. If you’ve grown up in an abusive family, it’s odd for you to be in a home where each member treats the other with respect.

There’s this brilliant scene in Revelation 4 and 5 where God is on the throne. It’s beautiful, majestic and magnificent all at once. The throne is the central command of the universe and God Almighty is stationed there. It’s not up for grabs and there’s no one that can take it from Him. At many times in the history of the world, it hasn’t seemed so. Just in the last 100 years we have seen a holocaust kill millions of Jews, several world wars, terrorist attacks that kill thousands, and natural disasters that wipe entire cities off the map, just to name a few. So, how are we supposed to believe in a God in total control, on the throne of the universe?

To pray, “Your kingdom come…” is to tell God, I want you to be king. I want you to be king of my life, my career, my family, my school, my world, my job, my extracurricular activities, my city, my country and my world. When God is king, his kingdom is in full effect. God has an incredible plan for your life and the lives of those around you, but it only happens if you let him be king.

God is king in heaven. There is no confusion. No one mistakes someone else for the king. What He says and wants happens. No questions asked. God is king there and there is order, peace and unity. Imagine if God were king here. To pray these words, “Your kingdom come,” is the most powerful prayer you can ever pray. There is nothing more bold. Nothing more unashamedly brazen. It’s a prayer that if answered, changes everything.

God is on the throne in heaven. He wants to be on the throne of this world. The truth is that He could snap His fingers at any moment and take control of it all, but He doesn’t. He wants us to choose Him as king of our lives and the lives of those around us. The only way for Him to get there is for people like you to enter the land of giants and fight on your knees. To pray, boldly, God enter my world in power and change things.

Imagine what people would see if God was king. Talk about a new color that tints your world.


What does praying, “Your kingdom come” mean?


What are some mindsets that you have that tint your world?


Why doesn’t God just establish His kingdom by force?

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