Day Eight- Journal

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Emotions are weird. This might not be the best place to admit this, but here it goes: I cry at movies. Okay, I said it. I don’t cry at every movie, but if there’s a scene that grabs the old pumper, here they come. I cried at Armageddon when Bruce Willis pushed Ben Affleck back into the ship. I cried at Braveheart when Mel screamed “FREEDOM!” I even cried at You’ve Got Mail when Tom came walking up the sidewalk with his dog barking to meet Meg. So what, I’m in touch.

The truth is that I feel the gamut of emotions. In real life, I get sad, mad, scared, ticked, apathetic, happy, nervous, contrary- you name it I’ve felt it. Some of those emotions are great, some not so great. Some mean that I’ve got some issues to deal with. And there’s no better place to deal with them than in prayer. I’m afraid that many of us think that we are supposed to come to prayer and say the right things. Pray in King James Version and get all of clichés right. But that’s not what God is interested in. He’s interested in authenticity. And being authentic is vulnerable. To share real emotions with a really big God is daunting. What if He’s mad at me? What if I let Him down because I feel this way? All legitimate concerns.

I have exciting news- God values your vulnerability. He wants you telling Him how you feel. He wants you venting to Him. To vent to Him is to vent to someone who can do something about it. And the truth is that healing can’t come until you first admit your emotions. God places value on you by caring enough to hear how you feel. So tell Him, He’s waiting to value you.


How do you feel right now?


What do you think might happen if we told God how we felt? What might He say?


Are there some things that you need to get off your chest?

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