Day Seven- Journal

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Dignity- valuable. Dignity- worthy. God values you. You are not only important, but God needs you. Now, you might be thinking that God doesn’t need anyone which is kind of true. But what if God has chosen to need you? I’ve found that in prayer, God has chosen to place limits on Himself in order to give me value. The first is the dignity of causality. God places value on you by allowing your prayers to cause something.

You might ask, “If God can do anything that He wants, then why pray?” For some reason God has decided to limit Himself by not being able to do what He wants until we pray. It’s almost as if He’s tied His own hands and is waiting for you to untie them through prayer. Your prayers matter. What you say and what you don’t say matters. And the fact that God has placed limitations on Himself just to show your value to Him should be both invigorating and humbling.

We must feel a responsibility to pray. We have the keys to changing our world and they are only found on our knees. We spend too much time trying to talk changes into existence instead of praying them into existence. How many times do you complain to everyone that will listen about your parents, or teachers and school, or a friendship problem? We must stop complaining and start praying. God has given you the power to partner with Him in changing circumstances. Prayer is where you enter the Land of Giants to make things happen.


What are some ways that God has limited himself (in the past or present)?


How do feel about God giving you the dignity of causality?

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