Day Six- Journal

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Matthew 6:9 “Hallowed be your name, on earth as it is in heaven.”

What’s in a name? Whether your name is Joe or James, Megan or Melissa, your name is more than just a title for your being. Your name represents who you are- your character, your personality, your gifts and even your look. It’s more than just some consonants with a vowel or two- it stands for who you are. God’s name, Yahweh (Exodus 3:14), represents who He is. It stands for His character, His personality, His desires and His actions. All of those are revealed clearly in the Bible.

Hallow can also be stated as holy. Holy means perfect, whole, sound and complete. To say “Hallowed be your name” is to tell God that His name, His character, personality, desires and actions are perfect. They are complete- sound and complete. They need nothing added to them to be better. In fact, nothing that you or I do can make God holier. We can’t praise enough or worship enough or even live good enough to make God more hallowed. God is holy, period. Heaven knows this, if only all the earth did. Now think about this for a minute- if everything that God does, everything that He feels, everything that He thinks and everything that He creates is complete and perfect, shouldn’t we want to get his opinion on our lives? But that’s not even what this verse is totally about.

This verse is asking God to “Hallow His name”. Hallow your name God. Make your name known for what it is- perfect. Correct the wrong views and ideas about who you are and what you do. Hallow your name. Let all the earth see you as you really are- patient, just, forgiving, challenging, and so on. There are so many misconceptions of you God- Hallow your name. You do what we can’t on our own- Tell the whole world of your perfect plans and intentions.


This is the first petition in the Lord’s Prayer. Can you see how this is a great place to start a prayer? Why?

What are some things that God says about His own character in the Bible? (Look here if you need some help: Exodus 34:6-7, Psalm 7:17, Isaiah 6:3, Psalm 73:1, Deuteronomy 7:9)

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